CSL Stockbrokers Limited

Private Investor

At CSLS, we believe that just as you would like nothing short of the best and most experienced doctors taking care of your health, so also, you deserve to have the best financial minds taking care of your finances.

What is your top financial priority? Planning your future, growing your wealth or just focusing on an effective transfer of your wealth? What is your hope for the future? A secure retirement, college tuition for your children, a dream vacation home or just the confidence that comes with having your financial assets in safe hands? We possess the tools and expertise to help you achieve these.

At CSLS, we go beyond quality investment advice, building strong client relationships and delivering consistent results because we believe that your portfolio is the cornerstone of your financial foundation. We also understand that building and managing a portfolio requires a range of resources, including insights into financial markets, strategic allocation and a broad array of investment choices.

Hence, you require the advice and guidance of a professional who understands what your portfolio represents to you, in terms of your financial goals.

We offer investment capabilities across all major asset classes for private clients and financial intermediaries and institutional investors around the world. Our experience with financial management and the rigor with which we evaluate every investment makes us credible.

Customized Services

We provide tailored investment management services to our clients, where accredited investment advisers assess their risk profile and prescribe the optimal asset allocation from our portfolio of investment products. We have a structured approach to client engagement. The whole idea is to gain a true understanding of each clients needs and proffer tailor-made solutions that help our clients achieve goals and objectives.