Corporate and Institution


Research is the focal point of our value proposition to investors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our analysts provide insight, information and recommendations that allow our clients to act objectively and decisively on the key markets that we cover.

Excellence in the research arena is achieved through the quality of our personnel and the breadth and depth of their knowledge and understanding of the African investment theatre. The team focuses on four main areas:

Strategy and economics: our economic research is respected not only for its analysis of the critical issues affecting Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, but also for its in-depth insights on how the major global issues can provide opportunities or threats in the region, across different African countries and across asset classes.

Sector reviews: by providing analysis of equities across their local peer groups, across the African continent and across other emerging markets, our analysts provide clients with the knowledge and understanding that they need to anticipate the next big move in share prices. Our sector reports have received widespread acclaim. In the recent past, they have included reports on the banking industry, building materials, petroleum marketing, breweries and fast moving consumer goods.

Company research: on numerous listed African companies, our analysts provide thought provoking and innovative research and analysis, sometimes allowing the inherent value in a security to be truly appreciated by market participants. Our research employs only detailed fundamental analysis, using state-of-the-art modeling techniques to forecast performance and to pick the winners. Our company coverage is timely and thoughtful, making use of extensive industry expertise on the stocks that we cover.

Multi-asset research: our strategy team incorporates analysis of money markets, bond markets and equity markets to give Nigerian clients a comprehensive analysis of the Nigerian markets. These insights feed into the equity and fixed income research for international investors.

Our research is used by a wide variety of institutional money managers including pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds and other asset managers. Importantly, our research serves as a tool for the market, enabling stocks to reach their correct and fair valuation levels. Analysts visit clients regularly to discuss their ideas and expand upon their most recent findings.

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